The Question Matrix response type allows users to create a group of questions that display in a matrix format, whereby each cell within the matrix represents a separate question. To use this response type, define the number of rows and columns you want in your matrix set and give each row and column a label or name. Each column can be a different question type. In the above screenshot, the first two columns are select-one questions, and the third column is a number question. 

NOTE: This response type only works when using Enketo, utilizing the Grid-theme layout. Forms are set to single page layout by default -- to change it, find the "layout" button in the formbuilder toolbar, select "grid-theme", save this change, and redeploy your form to make these changes live.

To use the question matrix:

  1. Go to your Form Builder and click on “Add question”
  2. Select  ‘Question Matrix’

3)   Click on the gear icon.

4)   Select the question type. 


5)   Add the Column label & response label

6)   Select the gear icon within ‘Row’ & add give it a label


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